Sunday, January 10, 2016

Can't Believe You're Mine

There are glimpses still of the little girl I choose to believe she will remain. Then there are moments I know childhood is fleeting. Giggling with friends, tumbling practice, and requests to snuggle will all too soon give way to hormones, shopping, friends, cute boys and independence.

Hang on baby, I am not ready.

Today's windchill was exactly 3. He insisted I pull out his summer clothes because he really wanted to wear shorts today. The boy is his father's child and the reason summer clothes must remain out of his reach during the winter. 


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

While I am trying to remain in complete denial that anyone is growing up, and despite my attempts to argue that they just aren't allowed because I said so (it's not working btw), I realize that they are and am finding the joy and beauty in that. Your sweet girl is so beautiful inside and out, and is growing up into such a young lady, but...she will always be your baby girl.
As for the boy and his summer clothes in winter...I know the struggle.

TeamWilmore said...

1st ... Ty's room is the BEST!!!!!!!! O-H !!!
2nd .... Wise decision to leave summer clothes out of reach .... wish we would've thought of that years ago. Unfortunately, it's not a viable option anymore, and the 14-year-old wears jeans/sweatpants in summer, and shorts in the "winter." ..... annnnnd refuses to wear a jacket. Those July 13 boys are very determined in their fashion sense!!!!!
3rd ... Kate - she may be one of the rare children who never lose their loving, cuddly innocence. I've met a few. The 15-year-old girl that lives across the street being one example, my grown (47-year-old mom of 6) cousin is another. I've got a list of them .... and I cling to it hoping that Tristan's name will remain on it.

I love you to pieces, my precious friend and am beyond grateful for you

KaraD said...

:) We do the same thing with summer clothes. I love Ty's concentration to get that hot cocoa cooled down. Do you use your phone or camera for pictures? As soon as I find some good books on dealing with the growing pains of kids who don't behave as our boys might expect I'll let you know. If you know any please let me know too. So glad we can keep up online; I am so homesick this week.

Baughman Family said...

Kara, I am sorry you are homesick this week. I remember how hard our first year or so was after we moved here. Give it time, I promise it gets easier. I use a nicer point and shoot Cannon Power Shot. I got a great bundle deal on it on Amazon about two years ago. I love it but hope to move into a digital SLR camera in the future so I can capture more shots the way I want to. I hope you and your family have a beautiful weekend.