Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow Day! For real this time.....

The forecast sounded pretty solid but we were prepared to meet the day with or without the "school is cancelled" call. We all celebrated when it came through especially since I learned Makenna offered to meet the assistant superintendent in the school parking lot to "square up" last week on Twitter when he failed to close schools as expected. I can't begin to explain how surprised I am we didn't get a personal visit from our local law enforcement officer over it. Little Miss "five feet of terror" needs to cool her jets.

We lounged in pajamas by a fire, baked cookies, indulged in hot cocoa after snow play and watched Netflix.

Kate wanted an opportunity to earn some money. She cleaned the entire house this afternoon while I watched Parenthood. (I could get used to this.) But it was hilarious to hear her firmly telling her brother he was not allowed to eat in the living room because she just cleaned this whole house and would like to see her efforts last. I literally laughed out loud. It's funny how much more important it is to preserve cleanliness when you are the party responsible for cleaning it.

Our day was otherwise quiet, lazy and perfect.

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TeamWilmore said...

Bahahahaha .... ok, I know I shouldn't be laughing but that combined with, "5 feet of terror," and I just shot tea through my nose (thankfully only warm, and hey - maybe it'll clear my sinuses!), seriously though, that is hilarious!

On another note, I was walking into the pharmacy today as a little boy walked out. I swear, he was an exact twin carbon copy of Ty! His parents looked at me like I was a loon (my gasping and stumbling over a trash can in shock might have had a little to do with that reaction - I did managed to suppress a squeal of delight, though). I seriously thought you guys planned a surprise escape from Winterville and had come to visit (high of 70 again tomorrow ..... just sayin'). Love you!!!