Friday, January 8, 2016

Back To The Grind

The alarm was set for 6:15 everyday this week to get the kids out the door and onto the bus. Monday they all jumped up and did what they needed but Tuesday I was met with intense resistance. One kid was "super, super sick" and couldn't even narrow down the areas that hurt the most without a round of twenty questions from his already exhausted mother. Another one had a sore throat, headache and stomach ache. The oldest in the house was pretty sure she was going to die if I made her go to school. I made the executive decision to serve hot cocoa in to-go cups for the kids who were ready to leave on time and there was sudden and miraculous healing. Except that by the time they all left my house at 6:55 am, I had a headache hot cocoa wasn't going to cure.

Ty came home with a stamp on his hand Tuesday and he was quite proud of it. Miss Heid stamped his hand to celebrate his "really good sentence" at school. He says he wrote, "Over winter break I went to Grandma and Grandpa's and opened presents." I may just be a proud mom, but this feels like a pretty impressive sentence for a kindergartener so I asked him to write it for me. He declined. I pushed the next day for him to write a sentence and even sweetened the deal by telling him he could use the word poop if he wanted and yet, he still refused. In desperation, I informed him last night he has sentence writing on his homework page so he has to write a complete sentence or I will have to tell his teacher he didn't do his homework. He submitted, "Mom's weird." The boy wears me out.

I promised the kids I would meet them for lunch today since I was free of extra kiddos. Ty was so excited he invited Anne to join us. I love how social he is becoming. And tonight all the girls had plans so I got to spend the evening with my favorite guys. It was the perfect way to wrap the week.
This is his "there are over 500 pieces in this set" look.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I adore that sweet boy of yours and love his personality :)

TeamWilmore said...

Oh my goodness - I'm cracking up! At all of this!!!! I'm texting you a photo that would work perfectly! :)