Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Smile. It's Tuesday.

These little cuties spent the day with me so I accomplished little more than a few meals and lots of playtime. And that's okay. Ty invited me to play doll house with him. I was at one point allowed to read a book to his people but was otherwise not permitted to speak while we played. I silently observed his imagination at work and noted little boys and little girls take slightly different approaches to the art of playing doll house. I will just say that Ty's most adored piece is the toilet. It was well used and the figures using the potty were very descriptive about their activities upon said toilet. He is all boy despite the fact he was playing with the doll house.

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Jill May said...

His admiration of the toilet will last his entire life. My guys spend more time in the bathroom than I do. Ever. I don't know what they do in there for that long, nor do I want to know.