Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mid week tidbits

For Christmas next year, he wants a pogo stick so he can keep up with all the people. Not the ones in cars, just the ones on bikes. Oh and a reindeer. It is February. I told him reindeer aren't in pet stores for a reason. They were not created to be pets. He loved the movie Frozen and his light saber turns everything into ice. It explains this winter, I think.

Makenna joined Kate on antibiotics this weekend. And on Tuesday, Ty re-joined them. Awesome. As it turns out, he was supposed to be on them for 10 days, not 7 and therefore was more susceptible to another round of strep. Again, awesome. Ty doesn't follow me around to whine and moan but does so loudly enough that he may as well. The mommy in this house needs a time out.

Dusty, the model airplane is missing. When Ty was feeling really poor on Tuesday, he cried for Dusty when he wasn't sleeping while holding his painful head. Frantic and thorough searches throughout the house unearthed nothing more than the fact our house needs a serious spring cleaning. Maybe I should go on strike until spring actually arrives. As if. 

The sign was meant to alert everyone to keep an eye out for Dusty because Ty is know for his creative hiding places. We have searched the freezer, cupboards, bathrooms, vases, baskets, etc...I can guarantee it will turn up someplace unusual. Justin was concerned and wanted to fix this. He was on his way to the toy store when I stopped him. We will find it and Ty will recall immediately putting it somewhere special. By the way, we all really like Justin. He's a good guy.

Lauren ran out of gas on the way to school today. It is the second time she has been stranded on the side of the road in the two months she's been driving. Sigh. At some point, she will understand that funds and gas have limits. Life lessons on budgeting and time management are taking place. And a few on patience for the parents too.

On Monday I had my annual eye exam. This time last year, my optometrist, whom I really like despite what he said, told me I was at an age where my eye health was standing on the edge of a cliff. I had started the descend and the changes would be rapid. My eyes were pretty bad but would be much worse within  months. He said to contact him if I couldn't tolerate going without lenses for the entire year or he'd just see me in 12 months. I walked into that appointment prepared for progressive lenses and walked out with perfect vision. Dr. Amstutz was amazed. He checked and re-checked a few things shaking his head in disbelief. He finally sat back and said, "I don't know what you're doing but your eyes are more than ten years younger than you. You are ahead of the curve". I left relieved to have saved a few hundred dollars on glasses. Forty five minutes later I was checking out at the grocery store behind a woman with a cart full of nothing but junk food and it occurred to me that the only thing I have changed in the last year is my diet. I always eaten fairly well but making vegetables my primary food source last July has helped me feel stronger than I have ever felt. I have started running for the first time in my life, I exercise daily and no longer snack at all. I have found balance and feel better than I have ever felt in my life. Grains were not my friend. In no way shape or form would I have expected my food choices to impact my eye health.


angel0199 said...

Funny, Dr. Amstutz made comments to me last year about people our age (meaning him and me) start seeing changes in vision. I love him anyway. Who would have guessed eating veggies leads to healthier bodies?

Jill May said...

Amazing!!! I know that in the last few weeks many wonderful people have brought us meals, they have been carb heavy and also lots of desserts. Since eating only low gluten flours ( spelt and eincorn) and very little sugar for the last several months, these white flour/pasta meals have made me feel so sluggish. I have gone back to my regular way of eating and am feeling better. I never considered that it can affect eye health, too! I hope all of the kiddos are feeling better and that your sanity is intact! ;)