Sunday, February 16, 2014

It will not end. Ever. And other positive thoughts.

I have been so anxious to see the end of winter, I eliminated an entire week of February from my life. Unfortunately the rest of the world seems to think it needs to exist. I literally made arrangements for my final week in a regular commitment only to discover it wasn't my final week. I unintentionally created some commotion and am sorry but it would be nice to usher in March and therefore, spring. Can we just agree to see the end of February already?

On day nine of Kate's antibiotic, she woke up covered from head to toe in a rash. We were perplexed. Another dose and it was clear she was having an allergic reaction. As far as we remember, this is the first time she's been on any antibiotics and apparently it will be the last for Penicillin. She's a tough cookie and has tolerated the itchy rash well. It looks terrible and irritating.

Ty ended up with one of his big cold sore outbreaks this week. It covers about 20% of his face and is pretty uncomfortable. Thank the Lord for Acyclovir during the larger outbreaks but his little tummy has paid the price for it on top of the second round of antibiotics. My windows will be open this week as I am determined to air out the germs. Enough already.

I have been in the throws of some room changes. I will post more on that later but it was a fun focal point for me when Anne and I slipped out Saturday afternoon. We perused the stores that make our children cry and our husbands gnash their teeth. Oh how we love Homegoods, Pier One, World Market and Hobby Lobby. Oh how they all loathe them all. We wandered somewhat aimlessly, enjoying conversation and ultimately incredible food because we never escape without consuming a meal we didn't have to prepare. We're fancy like that.

Greg and I ordered a new mattress today. We are pretty excited. Our 14 year old mattress was a very generous gift from my parents when Greg broke his back in 2000. Lauren is now sleeping in Ty's old twin bed which was a gift from a neighbor when Erin left her crib 17 and a half years ago. It was a decade old at that point and has served as each of our children's first big kid bed. It has an obvious dip and has been well used. It is time to replace it. Lauren is inheriting our old bed when our new memory foam mattress arrives at the end of this week. Lauren will therefore be offering her bed up to guests in exchange for being the only one with her own room. I will have a post on that once the dust settles. Shoot, I may even use the camera and have a few photos too. ;)

Speaking of dust, Justin ignored my plea to let the original Dusty turn up and bought Ty a new one. Two days later, Dusty #1 showed up in the blinds behind Ty's bed. Ty decided he likes Dusty #2 better because it was a special gift from Justin. And speaking of Justin, he showed up here tonight with flu symptoms because Erin thought her mom should evaluate him. Whereas I appreciate her vote of confidence, I sent him home to bed and pray he didn't just expose us all to the flu. Seriously. It needs to end. Now.


Joseph Wicker said...

I hope you enjoy your new mattress. We got a tempurpedic mattress almost 4 years ago and love it. It does take some getting used to, though. Give it time. Rolling over is more of a chore on the memory foam, but you'll find you won't feel the need to change position as often, either. Enjoy!!!
You could come down here for a break in the weather. 67 degrees today, and then it could be 25 in a couple of days! Plays with the sinuses!!! This is where you can where boots and flip flops in the same week. :)

Baughman Family said...

What I wouldn't give for less tossing and turning!
I imagine closet changes are challenging if flip flops and boots are both needed in any particular week! I went through the kids' clothes today in hopes we will eventually need short sleeves! 67 sounds glorious and we'd love to come enjoy that with you. Hope all is well in your world.

Jill May said...

You will love your memory foam mattress! We have been sleeping on one for about 11 years, and can hardly sleep on anything else. We wish we could take it with us when we travel! :) I hope all of the illness would leave your house. Kate can join me and Aaron in the penicillin allergy category! And as for winter, I.AM.DONE. it is pouring the freezing rain here right now. It has been nothing but miserable, amen!