Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Review

Greg and I slipped away for a little date last evening. We are getting rowdy in our old age as the local farmer's market and Meijer were the destinations. Errands were run and complete sentences were spoken. It was beautiful with clear skies and temperatures just below 80 degrees. Simply perfect.
A friend of Lauren's visited and when his mom arrived to pick him up, we discovered we already knew her. She took care of Ty's daily blood work when he was born. We saw a lot of her his first three months. We laughed that he'd cry if he heard her voice since she was always sticking him! Small world. 
We ended our evening relaxed by the fire pit when I thought to ask Greg if the burn ban was still in effect. Oops.
 We are preparing for another school/work week and honestly, I'm not too excited about it. As I was standing outside Ty's studio on Friday, his teacher asked me how I was doing and I truthfully answered that I was questioning if I took on too much too soon. She wisely recommended I table that question until Labor Day weekend so my answer isn't based on emotions.  I appreciate her wisdom. Today I walked with a friend whom I've home schooled alongside for the last five years. She will always ask me the tough questions and hold me accountable. I adore her. It was good for my soul to take that walk today.

 I cleared the camera card and discovered Makenna's first day of seventh grade photo. As it turns out, she was the only cooperative child on Monday and therefore the only one captured. She is having a blast planning her theater seminars and updating her Facebook status to "in a relationship". Have mercy.

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