Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bragging Rights

This week was long and a blur at the same time. Having a week under my belt before supporting the kids through their first week was a blessing; a challenge but a blessing. Monday was great until I put little man in bed at 7 after getting home from work at 5. I left his room in tears and fought them all day Tuesday. Once we are all in a routine after this next week, I have faith we will thrive. It's just going to take some time. Welcome to the pep talk I've been having in my head.

I started a few dinners in the crock pot this week before heading to work. Greg wrapped them up or started the others before I got home each day. As result of his efforts, Erin and I also had a hot breakfast each morning. That man of mine is pretty awesome.

All four of our other kids start school tomorrow. Their nerves are running high and tears have started flowing. Back to the pep talk in my head. Ty will have two days of orientation from 11-1 before full days start on Wednesday. This presented a few logistical challenges for us but we've worked through them as well. Greg and I realized his time waiting on Ty will correspond with my lunch break so we are planning a tailgate date for lunch together on Monday and Tuesday! We'll have a picnic in the back of the truck in the school parking lot....why not? We've already realized how purposeful we will need to be to connect in this new season.

I came home Friday to a clean even the windows were cleaned! Shocked, surprised and grateful only begin to describe my reaction! We slipped away for an hour after dinner on Friday so he could enjoy a much deserved ice cream treat and I could exhale. We spent Saturday relaxing together and accomplishing the weekly shopping. I will miss having a weekday to work through that chore but with his company, perhaps it won't be a chore after all.

On a totally adorable note...Thursday night was Open House at the school so Greg brought the kids to see my work space and each of their studios. Ty was pretty taken by the fish tank, the sink at his level and was most impressed by the little potty in his area. He came out of the bathroom and announced to the entire room that he didn't have to stand on his tip toes while demonstrating that movement, complete with his hips swung forward. There wasn't a straight face in the crowd despite all efforts to do so.


Anonymous said...

Of course the potty was his favorite part! Kristin

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

That last little part about Ty is hilarious!!! Will keep you and your family in prayers this week as you work into your new routines.

Jill May said...

Ty is a hot mess! LOL! I have thought about you all week long, but didn't call knowing that you are getting settled into your new routine. I am glad that you are liking the new job, in a few weeks it will all seem normal. ( that is the part that has to keep going through your head! ) That hubby of yours is pretty awesome!!! I go for my job interview tomorrow, wish me luck! If it is the Lords will, so it will be!