Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inquiring minds....

  • "Mom, did you know your hair is like a boy style? I mean, boys can have long hair but they also have hair like yours. Also, did you ever see a girl with a mustache? I have." -Kate
  • "Mommy, I have a secret". Little man has never actually said any words in his previous secrets, just made a whispering noise but on day 2 of preschool, he whispered, "poop" and doubled over laughing at himself.
  • So Mom, do you think it would be okay for me to have a boyfriend at school? Umm.....Makenna, you are 12. I know but he's only 14 and he asked me. (I told her to ask her dad) Seriously??? It's the 4th day of school!
  • "I really like this school. The teachers are so cool. You know, I was afraid to ask a question today because the teacher at the other school yelled if you ask questions but here, they were totally chill about showing me how to work on my assignment". Makenna on day four in new school. (Other school was an 8 day adventure with our local middle school in January)
  • Little man screamed through his entire first full day of school. ALL.DAY.LONG. Did I mention his studio is across the hall from mine so I can hear him crying? He wasn't the only tearful one on Wednesday. It was really tough. I found myself questioning if this was the right fit for our family after all. I wanted to grab my baby and run for the hills. I stayed and loved on other people's babies instead. Today was better. I'm praying he settles by next week.
  • Our hot breakfasts continued this week. My husband rocks. 
  • Kate and I just wrapped up reading Wonder by  R.J. Palacio and it is my humble opinion every parent should read it to their children. Simply beautiful. 

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