Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Kate had her 5 year physical today. She was a trooper, although not impressed with her vaccines. Can't blame a girl for a few tears on that one. She had her eyes, ears and vitals checked. No issues there. Her height and weight confirmed she's a peanut! 42 1/4 inches tall (40%) and weighs 37 1/4 lbs. (30%). Dr. Rezaei says she looks great. She was able to tell her where she lives, her phone number, draw some shapes and her full name. The only issue I took to the appointment was her speech. She uses "t" sounds for "k" sounds. I am just going to keep correcting that when I hear it, as Dr. Rezaei is sure it is something she'll out grow on her own.

Ty went from a cupcake yesterday to a blood test today. Let's just say he isn't as happy with Dr. Rezaei as I am! His hemoglobin was a VERY strong 12 today! Reassuring to see it in print. He is still a big guy and maintaining his 90% in height at 30 3/4 inches and his 50% in weight at 22lbs 9 1/2 ounces. His milestones are "advanced" since he's walking, climbing and jabbering with the use of some real words. We discussed his need to be in the "no-no's" constantly. I was once again told that "he's a boy" and just keep correcting. He appears to have a milk intolerance so we are moving from whole milk to soy. Kate has almost completely outgrown her intolerance to milk, so hopefully Ty will also. When Kate was 12 months, we had to put her on soy formula but given Ty's healthy size, Silk milk will suffice. The budget is happy to hear that news!

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