Thursday, July 29, 2010

Child Labor Laws?

Kate was whining, "I'm bored" so I handed her a squirt bottle and cloth. She typically loves helping and after a two foot section of base board was clean, she was no longer bored. Ty couldn't resist the bottle. Since it is Shaklee and I don't have to worry about chemicals, I let him explore along side me as I began the tedious process of cleaning baseboards, blinds and windows. Good grief that is a lot of work! I would like to thank Pam and Kenny for their spotless baseboards. As a result of our visit last week, I now see all dirt in my house that I was successfully ignoring until visiting their perfect home! Love you guys!


Jill said...

Could I borrow your kids? Mine need done too, and Aaron doesn't seem interested in helping!!! :)

Baughman Family said...

Jill, You may want to note the two foot section was done before she lost interest......this Momma is the one doing the work around here!