Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Baby Ty, I cannot believe you are already a year old. Where did the year go? I know we were busy driving  to and from the hospital for months, praying over your health and losing sleep over feeding you properly. How on earth did we get through some of those moments without losing our minds? Funny, months after you were perfectly healed and no longer seeing the hematologist,  we worried we should have your hemoglobin checked when you were sick for a few days. You’ve rocked us buddy. And all the while, you smiled and were extra sweet. How can somebody so helpless and precious suddenly think he can feed himself and walk? You’ve grown so fast! We were dealing with a sickly underweight baby for months and then suddenly you were six months old wearing twelve month clothing! It seemed as though you changed over night. Some nights, you did. Being the fifth baby we were able to bring home, you would think everything would just flow but God changed the rules when he chose to send us you! You are the busiest Baughman baby although I think your cousin Lizzie is a good rival to the official title! As I review your first year in my mind, I see so many smiling snapshots, hear lots of jabbering, smell your freshly washed hair, and can feel you snuggle into my chest. There is no better feeling. I love watching your chubby little legs walking through the house with your special burp cloth in one hand. You love the ones with tags the most. I suppose I treasure the baby days that much more since I can look at your sisters and see just how quickly those moments disappear. As we celebrate your first year, I see how determined you are to grow up. You find bodily functions hilarious. Climbing is something you are convinced you need to do. I love it when you take me into the kitchen and point to the coffee pot repeating “Dad” over and over as if to ask if we can get him up yet. Playtime with Daddy is most certainly a high light in your day. It just shows me how quickly you will be too big to let me hold you and love on you. I adore you little man. I am enjoying watching you grow.  Happy birthday buddy. I love you.

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