Sunday, June 11, 2017


Saturday was off to a rough start. Brutus kept me awake until after midnight Friday night with his pacing and whining. Layla woke me just before 4 am to go outside and that is when I discovered the indoor pool in our kitchen and laundry room.

Two loads of towels and 6 gallons of water in the shop vac later, I made tea and started breakfast. Greg came home from work and rented a snake to unclog the floor drain that backed up when the water softener cycled over night. We are grateful we didn't sustain permanent damages.

At 11, Makenna called needing me at the scene of an accident she was just involved in. Everyone was fine but quite shaken up. The young lady driving the car Makenna was in was in shock and Makenna took care of calling both me and the police. It was later noted how responsible she was with the way she managed the scene. She does demonstrate strong leadership skills so those "bossy" moments do have a happy ending for those of you still in the trenches with a preschooler. The other vehicle's owner was screaming at the girls and acting out of control which further exaggerated the shock symptoms for Makenna's friend. This mom was not happy but kept everyone separated until the police arrived. Fortunately I was right around the corner from the scene and a homeowner at that intersection was a firefighter who was able to stand with the irate man and access the burns and abrasions from the deployed air bags. All in all, this was the kind of accident to have if you have to have one. The girls learned a lot and everyone walked away. Amen.

So moments after we finally wrapped up at the accident scene, my sister arrived to deliver my nephews for the day. My 3 1/2 hours sleep and adrenaline rush depleted enough of my energy to change what plans I had for the boys but we still had a great day together.

The cousins love each other's company and it is a joy to stand back and take in their banter. Ty tries so hard to impress the older boys and they are sweet about engaging with him. And then there is Kate and Brennen. Their bond just keeps getting tighter.

At 10:30, I passed the figurative baton to Greg and went to bed. I heard nothing after that until he delivered a hot cup of tea at 9:30 this morning. Redemption at it's finest involves the company of family, seeing God's hand in an accident and a solid night's sleep.

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