Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Jake took Pup-pup to be groomed yesterday. Before they even started the process, Pup-pup started to seize. At the three hour mark of the seizure, Erin called me crying and scared. At hour four, he passed away. His little heart couldn't take it anymore. All of us are shocked and so very sad.

Pup-pup was a happy little guy. Everyone loved him. When I told Ty he was gone, Ty decided it was best Brutus died first so Pup-pup wouldn't be scared in heaven. Erin has decided he wanted to be with Nana. Either option brings just enough peace, but we still question. It all feels so unfair.

I told Lauren what Ty had to say and she laughed remembering the day all five dogs were here when the cable guy arrived. We took all of them outside to what the kids named "Mimi's Pup Park" to keep them out of the way. Layla hid behind Makenna. Cheech and Chong hid behind Lauren and Brutus had laid down already so there was no way he was getting up to investigate. Pup-pup pranced right up to that guy and barked at him with as much authority as his little ten pound body could muster. It was in that moment Jake, desperate to toughen up his new addition called the dog, "Pup-Pup Death Johnson"! And we all roared with laughter! Pup-pup believed he was mighty and all the other dogs believed him too.

It was that day I placed a tiny studded leather collar into my cart on Amazon because I knew what I was getting him for Christmas! I shared my plan with a friend and she wanted measurements when I got to puppy sit because she was making him a pleather vest with a patch of the American flag and eagle to further demonstrate his bad boy image.

He was a sweet little dog and a light in Erin's world. She is heartbroken. We all are. Rest in peace Pup-pup. You are loved here.

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