Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fur Family

Sometimes life is cruel. On Monday, we made an appointment to say goodbye to our sweet Brutus Tuesday evening. This journey of slowly letting go has been brutal. Brutus' mental health declined in such a way, we had no choice but to protect him and the children in my care before something tragic happened. Brutus was too amazing a dog to allow his final moments be anything but peaceful. He deserved only the best care. As heartbreaking as it was to make this appointment, the process itself was so quiet and pain free, our sweet guy literally snored through it. Not able to pull ourselves away afterward, Erin decided it was time Ryan had a great dog in heaven and we have all found peace in that image.

On Tuesday morning, Oliver started violently seizing and had to be rushed to the same vet. Our vet was wonderful, kind and compassionate. They admitted him, ran tests, started iv fluids and lots of meds. Twenty four hours later, he was still not stable and the prognosis was not good. I am still in shock and if I am being completely honest, angry too. Nothing about any of this is fair to my kids. But this evening a new combination of medication eased Oliver's symptoms to the degree we decided to take the kids for a visit. Oliver is still not totally stable but looks so much better than last night and this morning, we are cautiously optimistic.

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