Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

The downfall to celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve is having an excited seven year old two nights in a row unable to fall asleep; the anticipation is too great. So I have all this sweet time to edit photos and relive the highlights from a full and joyful day.

Taylor flew in last night and requested breakfast today. I had already planned the traditional steak and crab dinner so adding breakfast just meant I got more time with the kids than I thought I would given how many different celebrations Taylor is committed to attending every Christmas.

Breakfast was loud with laughter, stories and the banter that never missed a beat despite his four months away. And then we started opening packages and the volume increased as did the excitement. It was a different celebration for us with the addition of both Taylor and Jake but they both fit in comfortably. We hadn't yet finished our gift exchange when my parents arrived with their own contributions. Everyone was spoiled. However, both Lauren and Erin had strong objections to taking their stockings home with them today. They are now considered adults in our home and neither one is happy about it.

My dad insists Makenna needs a bell to order room service and command her mother's attention after surgery. So a new bell was gifted to her. Grandpa is trouble.

My sister and her family arrived early this afternoon so we were blessed to host fifteen for dinner! It was perfect. I spent a few minutes taking it all in as everyone made their plates and exchanged stories. I won't have this group together again for awhile since Lauren and Taylor leave next week.

This afternoon, Kate and Ty sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn and Layla promptly digested as much as she could locate. Ty was pretty worried given the amount of flying powder he used in his jar. A flying Layla would not be welcomed.

Tonight the traditional version of the Night Before Christmas I have been reading with my kids since 1996 was read before Ty selected some treats for Santa. Bedtime is taking some time despite how tired we know Ty is because he can't wait to see what Santa has decided to bring him this year.

Our Christmas Day will be quiet but spent preparing our home for Makenna's surgery Monday morning. It is the calm I will require to make it through this coming week. And of course this means the Christmas tree and all other decorations will be tucked away in the attic before I rest. This is how I choose to spend my Christmas Day every year while the kids enjoy their new toys. 

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