Saturday, December 3, 2016

Baughman Christmas

We took a day trip to see Greg's family today to celebrate a very early Christmas. Everyone was once again spoiled and had a great time. The little cousins are able to take off and enjoy games they have previously created at Grandma's house each visit so our time together never feels like it lasts quite long enough.

When you tell Grandma someone needs new shoes, don't be surprised when she is excited to see him open them. These shoes have built in compasses and lights that alternate through a series of colors. We anticipate Ty and his friends will be distracted at school next week but both Grandma and Ty are delighted.

It didn't go unnoticed Lauren won't be back for quite some time. And Grandma is worried she won't have tech support ready to sit down with her for awhile. Each time the girls come over, she has a list of things she wants them to help her learn on her phone. The last visit in October left her with a list of texting shortcuts she has to explain to her friends and family when she uses. The girls insure their grandma is cool.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Those shoes are super cool! and the pic of Kate in the Ohio State gear?? I see a glimpse of a teenager...she is growing up