Friday, August 12, 2016

This Week

Two peas in a pod. Anna made Makenna an original work of art. They adore each other.
They want to be middle school cheer leaders together. Hold me Jesus. I am not cheer mom material.

This one returned after a five week break. Boot camp for babies started on Tuesday. It's been a long week. God makes them pretty for a reason.

One day the living room was chaotic so Levi and I got comfortable on the kitchen floor with some books. He invites me to join him there every day now.

August heat is producing happy tomatoes. The rest of us could use a break.

He has started calling Taylor his brother-in-law rather than simply his brother. He is also very proud to share he is an "army man" and hopes to be one when he grows up too. Lauren isn't the only one who will miss this guy during boot camp and training.

Some days the prospect of boarding the middle school bus is more than she can bear. But after a little pep talk, she transitions from "I can't" to "I've got this".
With my first cup of tea consumed and my eyes almost fully open, I noted God was showing off at sunrise. He's got this, whatever this happens to be in the moment. Sometimes I need reminded.
Erin started a new job working for the University of Louisville, supporting oral surgeons. The best part? Free continuing education! She loves her new job, co-workers and the endless possibilities for her future.

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