Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sick Day

School day number four held a surprise for me. The health office called because Kate was running a fever. Initially she was pretty miserable but today we had some sweet moments as the symptoms eased. I can't ever recall a time I was home with just one sick kid and frankly, it was a quiet reprieve from a typical day. Of course if any kid is going to go with the flow around here even while ill, it's going to be Kate.

This morning Ty realized he was attending school but his sister was not. He mentioned having "the kind of sore throat you stay home with." Despite his claims, he went to school anyway. And then I prayed he didn't also spike a fever after arriving. Being mother of the year in one building is enough for this week. It is important we pace ourselves.  After all, there are three public schools to impress.

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