Sunday, August 7, 2016

Road Trip

I have found myself dangling precariously between seasons in life. I suppose having a large age gap between my oldest and youngest children will do that. Two new babies we know were welcomed into the world this week. One a third child for a friend and the other is a first grand baby. Life has a way of catching up in moments like this.

Two of my life long friends have sons entering high school this month. I remember seeing them mere hours after their births like it was yesterday. The details still vivid, yet because we moved away a decade ago, the day-to-day life has fallen through the cracks. And then without warning, I see a recent photo of them and am left shocked. They are young men passing their mothers in height. Time flies and I can appreciate that in some moments, but others? No thank you. Just slow down please.
Makenna and I took a road trip together shortly after getting her home from a thespian retreat. I like hanging out with her any opportunity I can because as I just noted, time slips through my fingers whether I  like it or not. She and I haven't taken a trip alone together since she was eight so it was well overdue. She fell in love with Bloomington and the beautiful campus of Indiana University. I found myself pointing out the benefits of living at home while attending the University of Louisville repeatedly. My fingers are crossed she isn't so enamored by the theater to lose sight of the education program she previously selected. My heart can't take another kiddo moving out just yet.  And as stunning as the buildings and surrounding area are, rumors of IU being a party school have not gone unnoticed.

But Makenna? She is a pretty cool teen with very high standards for herself. Time spent with her is relaxing, entertaining and a beautiful reminder this parenting gig is beyond worthwhile.

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