Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our Christmas Greetings

This year I was somehow talked out of ignoring the obligatory Christmas cards. I not only ended up creating photo cards but I also found myself writing a newsletter too. Strange things happen. However, at one time I was sending out one hundred and have reduced that number to fifty. I am still not certain they remain necessary but for those no longer on our mailing you go.

Merry Christmas! 2015 delivered many changes, challenges and blessings in our world. We handled some with more grace than others; but, thank God, the journey continues and He isn’t finished with us yet.

Being independent was a goal for Erin this year. She moved out on her own in April after graduating summa cum laude in her dental assisting program. She spoke at graduation with humor and gratitude. She is currently enrolled in a bachelor’s program for dental hygiene and will ultimately go to dental school to be a dentist. She was hired out of her internship with Aspen Dental and loves her job. She recently ended her two year relationship with Justin; but, they parted on good terms, still caring for each other.

Always true to herself,  Lauren graduated High School this year by marching across the stage to High School Musical’s theme song, Breaking Free - a theme also bedazzled onto her graduation cap. She attempted college this semester, but quickly learned it wasn’t going to be a good fit for her. She is navigating several part time jobs with the hope of moving in with her sister in January while she explores additional educational options.

Understandably exhausted, Makenna works most weekends and a lot of hours after school for the theater program in the tech department. She is balancing insane hours with a heavy honors class load. She has gotten sick several times as result. Other than that, she baby-sits and socializes with friends. We catch glimpses of her every now and then.

Gymnastics, school, friends, baking, reading and art are Kate’s favorite past times. She in the fourth grade with the same teacher she had last year. She has remained loving and kind despite her upper elementary status. We often joke we have five kids and only one is sweet; as sarcasm is lost on her, but is clearly everyone else’s primary language.

He loves kindergarten and can tell you how many days smarter he is as he counts school days. Ty is reading, performing well in all academics, and quite the little leader in his classroom. He firmly believes a fourth grade boy on the bus is his best friend, and stalks that poor kid with the stealth-like qualities of a bull in a china shop. He is still often found sporting costumes as clothing, and loves Legos more than any other toy. He is all boy; his energy is both entertaining and exhausting.

Many think we live in a zoo. We rescued Layla from life in a pen this summer. She is a handful, but pretty sweet. Erin says Layla’s job is to be the second child who doesn’t care about rules or exasperated humans. Brutus is aging, but still showing off a puppy-like personality every once in a while. And Makenna’s cat, Oliver, acts like a dog more than a cat. The dynamics are interesting to say the least.

A few bible studies, countless cups of tea, and lots of extra kiddos fill Sherri’s days. She averages 12,000 steps a day keeping up with the craziness and wonders why she is tired at the kids‘ bedtime. She still amuses herself writing at

Not to be outdone, Greg keeps up with the yard, multiple vehicles, and a job with responsibilities that changed this spring. He and his partners at UPS support all of Santa’s efforts at this time of year, so he is anxious to see January and his family.

This is the photo I wanted to use for our cards but couldn't imagine elderly family members opening this and understanding my unusual sense of humor. So I was pretty pleased when Greg needed a card for his employees. I amuse myself.


KaraD said...

What a wonderful and full year you have had and I loved reading your Christmas letter!

TeamWilmore said...

Yours was the first card to arrive and is still my favorite. As such, it has been hung at the top of the Christmas card door. Our family's cards will be late again (thanks, Old Navy!!!!), but DEFINITELY not as late as last years' LOL! ;-)