Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Silent Night by candle light gets me every time. I start off singing along and before I know it, I have a lump in my throat and and a tear in my eye, unable to continue singing. No matter how much I loathe the season as a whole because of the chaos, that song grounds me. And this year, it was Kate's pure innocent voice that kept singing when I no longer could that did me in. In that precious moment, Christmas arrived. It arrived in it's purest form and I was finally at peace.
Tea parties with Grandma are fun

A pet turtle (battery operated) for a ninja turtle. He named him Tyler.
Christmas is exhausting


TeamWilmore said...

I love every picture, as always..... And my dear friend..... Also as always :)

Jill May said...

I cry every single year when we sing Silent Night by candlelight as well. By the 2nd line I am so choked up that I can hardly go on. As it was Kate's voice that kept you going, it was Aaron's that made me stop and tear up more. I heard this very deep, booming voice coming from this huge kid next to me, that for so many years had this sweet, high pitched tone. His drastic changes hit me hard during that moment and I became a weepy mess. I'm tough like that. Love you, friend!