Friday, September 25, 2015

Sick Days

He was telling a story at dinner about the nicest thing happening at school that day. A little girl had a crush on him so he asked her to stop having a crush on him. She had to think about it and at lunch let him know she was done having that crush. "Wasn't that the nicest thing?". Greg and I could not make eye contact across the table or the gig would be up. Lots of laughter was being stifled. As soon as he started his salad, he declared his belly hurt and we didn't believe him. Salads are no longer his favorite food.

A few hours later I wrapped my nighttime walk and discovered Ty was running a significant fever. He moaned all night in his sleep. He didn't get to go to school and this distressed him immensely. "I am only 39 days smarter and now everyone else will be 40 days smarter". I tried to help with some school related work to help ease his mind but "Miss Heid is the smartest person in the world and she has been in school for like 100 years". For the record, Miss Heid appears to be in her twenties so we won't be telling her just how much experience Ty believes she has.

He insisted I call the "feel better office" at school and let them know he only feels sick when I make him eat healthy food.

"Mom! I am dehydrated because my pee is golden!"

His fever spiked, his head was hurting so badly he held it in his hands and sobbed. His throat started hurting and I carried him into the Little Clinic where my fears were confirmed. He has strep. Lauren rode along for moral support and promised ice cream when we finished. She saw first hand how uncomfortable it is to force a sick kid to comply with medical orders and was all too eager to get ice cream with him while I waited on antibiotics.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I hate that he was sick but I love these little stories.