Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Am Jealous

There were sick days, school complaints and lots of whining in my world this week. I was wiped out and the only one unable to rest. I am jealous.
Layla ate the disposable pan Greg uses to catch grease drippings from the charcoal grill on Wednesday. She threw up all over my house on Thursday. On Friday she was running a fever and no longer greeting people. I am not going to lie, that last part wasn't something I necessarily wanted to fix. But Lauren took her to the vet while I stayed home with sleeping babies. (P.S. I love having Lauren around!). Layla is heavily medicated but should recover in a few days. I need a frequent flyer discount at the vet. Oh, and that medicine? It encourages diarrhea to remove the offending remnants of aluminum. Delightful.I was overjoyed. Or not.
One kid barely passed a quiz at school and really believes I should be upset with the teacher. But rather than follow this script in her head, I probed about how much time she spent studying, seeking support and asking questions. My response irritated her. So she spent the next few days showing me texts from her friends who have parents calling the school to complain about this teacher. At what point do we hold the responsible party accountable for their actions? Why on earth would I call the teacher to complain about my child's quiz score when my child didn't attend study sessions? The state of our culture scares me. I am not the favorite parent. Again.

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