Monday, September 14, 2015

Picture Day!

A panicked Ty jumped out of bed Thursday night. He needed a tie for picture day. I purchased one on Friday for today's photos. When he got off the bus he immediately started wearing his red, black and white tie with a graphic maroon printed tee shirt. I was suddenly a bit worried about this purchase. On Saturday we walked around our neighborhood yard sale and he wore his tie with a hoodie. Monday was starting to look like a looming battle. On Sunday we started to pull out school clothes and Ty decided the tie would look great with a pastel green striped dress shirt. Mommy pointed out the color combination didn't match. Lauren had some "cool kid" suggestions and in the end, everyone is pretty pleased with the final decision.
He is feeling a bit shy about all the attention he is getting but he looks super cute. And Kate is prepared for picture day this year too. Last year I failed to remember it was picture day so she was wearing an old tee shirt and a messy bun. I am mother of the year obviously.
Makenna leaves for school five minutes before Kate and Ty so I snagged a shot with her. She isn't easy to catch in a photographic mood. And since it was still dark outside, our indoor lighting had to suffice.  But......this is happening. Again.
She is a bit anxious by personality so I knew I had to spring her first driving session on her. We chose the school parking lot on Sunday afternoon with Lauren in the passenger seat. It was an interesting perspective to be in the back seat where it appears someone forgot I was present. It was there I learned my mini van makes great donuts. I cleared my throat and Lauren back-peddled rather quickly. Perhaps she was just guessing it did donuts but swears she didn't know from experience. She is a brat. And a terrible liar. But I also had to spring this on Greg with a photo as it was occurring because he is not ready for another teen driver. I can't say I blame him but then again, he doesn't run her to and from the school on a regular basis for theater.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

He looked adorable for picture day!!!
And, I would have appreciated some warning before that last picture, I am not ready for that, I like living in denial where everyone stays young - can your kids please stop growing up?

Jill May said...

I can not get my head wrapped around the last picture!!! This simply isn't possible! And I am betting the farm that your van does awesome donuts, and you may be missing most of the tread from your tires. ;)