Monday, September 3, 2012

No photos, please

My friend Jill and I have taken an oath. We've promised each other that the first one of us to die will have a sign placed near them that says, "if you take my picture while I am in this coffin, I will haunt you". We've both noted family photos being taken at funerals and find that particular custom rather disturbing. That being said, I did see some gorgeous photos taken of a funeral procession for a fallen police officer in our hometown that were done tastefully and there were no images of the deceased. BUT, the cutest little girl attended the evening calling hours for my grandma. She was a petite, dark complected cutie with big brown eyes. She was darling. She found Grandma's flowers a bit too tempting. I was sitting back with my Aunt Laurie observing her looking over her shoulder to see if anyone was watching. We could hardly contain our giggles as she plucked a few petals here and a flower there, all the while completely oblivious to Laurie and me. We knew Grandma would help her pick flowers if she could so we found nothing wrong with letting her proceed. If I had my camera, I would have totally blown the pact I have with Jill. I wouldn't have taken Grandma's picture, but that little girl picking flowers from funeral bouquets? Absolutely. Pure joy.

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Jill May said...

That pic would have been okay, that's for sure!!!! LOL! :) I bet that was adorable, your grandma would have been giggling, too!