Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ty's latest fascination includes a lot of re organization. He has always had very different ideas of where things ought to be ....spices and seasonings on the floor, Tupperware lids in the laundry basket in my bedroom closet, dishes on the floor or in his room, etc....so, as his latest hobby has presented itself, I am left wondering, "is he normal?".  His current favorite game is pulling his trash can from his bedroom into the living room where he sorts his toys. Some stay in the bin, some go into his trash can and others are tossed to the floor. He is so serious about each decision as though he is really working out a system. I can't figure it out but it keeps him occupied. I just have to keep his trash can disinfected! Kate says he wants to grow up to be a trash man.

Speaking of organization, I am enjoying my new job. I am part of a team that sorts merchandise off the truck at 6am. We pull 1700-2200 pieces each morning and have them sorted onto skids for each department in about an hour. We then head to each department where another team has pulled full skids to the floor so that we can further sort each box into the proper areas. By 8am when the store opens, the floor is cleaned up and  we are ready to fill the racks. I am also responsible for making the clothing lines look appealing, scanning for back stock or reorders, customer service, cleaning out the shoe department (the first part of the job I've found that I don't appreciate much) and will be running the registers as soon as things slow down enough for me to be trained. There isn't any down time and we are all pulled multiple directions all the time. It's a lot like being a mom!

I called home during my break yesterday to have Kate tell me she doesn't want me to work because she misses me too much. Greg said Lauren was going to call me because she was upset with him for going to bed without waking her to take care of Ty. She didn't remember it was his day at home so that he was just waking up too. Roles and responsibilities have been assigned and she is taking hers very seriously after a shaky start last week. I called home on Friday to find chaos and in the end, everyone was grounded. By the time I got home I found a real spirit of cooperation among the kids. I suspect Daddy had a firm discussion with everyone about making this transition as easy as possible for one over-stretched momma! Speaking of stretching....school starts tomorrow!!! I am looking forward to the routine of school, but not the work load! Erin will catch the bus 6:40am again this year but she's thrilled the middle school kids have their own bus this year....it was too crowded and loud last year. I only work until 10am on Wednesdays so I will be here to start our day a little later than I'd like but we should be fine with some additional tweaking of the routine. Lauren will be an 8th grader, Makenna will be a 5th grader and our little Kate is starting Kindergarten! Adding her will make the hands-on portion of my day a little longer but she is anxious to start and spent most of her summer writing and drawing. She is eager to read and tell time.

I think that updates us! I am grateful for all that God has so graciously provided us. Here's another beautiful display of his awesomeness! This sunset was last Thursday.

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