Sunday, August 15, 2010

13 months

Ty turned 13 months on Friday. He needed shoes for the third time this summer and sadly, our supply of hand me gowns didn't include this latest size in wides so we went shoe shopping this afternoon. He ended up with 5 1/2 wides and thoroughly tested each pair of shoes he tried by running out of the shoe department. By the fourth pair, the clerk commented that I must have a built in work out program...ya think?
Greg and I tackled his second haircut this morning as well. He wasn't as easy to distract this time but ended up looking as handsome as ever! I'm glad we invested in longer clippers so it isn't as short as last time.
He's still working really hard to cut his top two teeth. It's been months of watching them swell and then recede. It's rather surprising to have a 5 + month gap in time between new teeth. It's also wild to watch him eat everything in sight with only two bottom teeth!
We've finally convinced him to drink out of a sippy cup! He loves carrying around water. I don't allow the milk yet since he also likes to play with it. It's like finger painting to him! He isn't staying hydrated enough with it just yet so we are still using bottles for milk. I hope to break that in the next few weeks.
Greg installed the cabinet locks this weekend. All it took was Ty dumping salt on the floor during HIS watch to make it happen. Just saying......
Ty's trash can obsession transferred outside yesterday morning. It was mild enough at 8am to be outside (please God send a cold front already!) so we headed out to explore for a bit. Ty drug his trash can with him and filled it with landscape rocks....He also had to test each and every bush by smacking the branches to see how they'd bounce. I suspect he'll be outside as much as possible by next summer. I had him all afternoon in the stroller or car seat but just minutes after we returned Greg headed out to take Erin and her group to church. Ty was quite determined to go too. We think he's trying to say "go".
Under the heading of new language, I am trying to teach him "all done" since his current form of communication has him throwing food when he's finished eating. Thursday evening was so bad that I literally turned his high chair to face the wall and therefore lose his audience. Within seconds, he giggled and threw the food over his head! He was dismissed...which was exactly what he wanted! This is why God made him so cute! We adore and enjoy him but he keeps us on our toes.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I love that he threw the food over his head when you turned him towards the wall!!! That made me laugh so hard :)

Ashlyn starts throwing food when she's done as well :) And sadly she can say "all done" in her own way and hold both hands in the air, but apparantly she prefers to throw the food instead.