Thursday, May 11, 2017

Busy Baughmans

Makenna passed her driving exam today. It was her only attempt and she did really well. She wanted to drive 40 minutes to see her boyfriend when we got home. I failed to contain my laughter. However, this evening she did get to go support her sister for a bit. It was in the moment she left the driveway, I noted we should have purchased a tank rather than a mini van.

She and her good friend Mitchell are running for president and vice president of the Thespian Board together. I love their campaign photo, "We can do it!" They make a great team. And speaking of the theatre, Floyd Central High School Theatre has been selected by Disney to make a pilot of the process involved in producing Newsies next fall. The kids are beyond excited. Disney apparently investigated the students involved in 42nd Street after it kicked off the Thespian Festival last summer to make sure it was in fact a student production because they felt it was too good to be true. As far as compliments go, this is pretty sweet. 

Taylor is wrapping up AIT training this month with third shift in the wilderness wearing 80 pounds of gear. Lauren tried it on for size and looks so tiny! They are finalizing their moving plans at the end of the month and are looking forward to seeing what Ft. Gordon in Georgia has in store for them. We are excited they will be closer.

Erin and Jake have had a rough couple of weeks. Jake's Nana whom Jake lived with until he went away to college passed away after Hospice was called in a week ago. They took shifts spending the night with her and comforting her through the painful process. Not only did Nana leave behind a family not ready to lose her, but she also left behind a little doll named Pup-pup. He is an 8 year old Pomeranian. So whereas Jake and Erin planned to get a large dog together sometime in the near future, Pup-pup is now their sweet addition.

Last week I saw what I believed at the time to be Brutus having a seizure. It didn't last very long but it made me start some research into possible causes. I stumbled upon a list of dementia symptoms and was devastated to learn he met all but one criteria. Our awesome vet has walked me through a few conversations about options and has given us some hope we can keep him happier a bit longer with medication. It has only been a week but things are not yet improving. We are torn up. We are afraid we are not too far away from making quality of life decisions. Our old boy has been with us over 12 1/2 years and always been such a great dog. You don't think about old dogs when your family selects a tiny, sweet breath puppy. This is proving to be really hard for all of us.

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