Sunday, November 20, 2016

Life with Kids and Mammograms

I met my bible study partner on Thursday night. But this week we didn't study. We ate junk food and lamented life with kids. God was with us because neither of us hurt our children this week and that can only be credited to the Holy Spirit himself. There are theories out there about the full moon making people crazy. A super full moon would explain a few things

I mentioned my morning was spent with Makenna's surgeon followed by routine blood work for me and finally, my first mammogram. She offered to buy the wine. I waved her off, "No, really. This was the most relaxing day I have had this week." The dumbfounded expression on her face revealed just how desperate that sounded. Welcome to my world. It is glamorous.

Ty decided earlier this week he wanted a Christmas tree in his room. And then he busted out in excitement how he needed an exploding death star tree topper! it turns out, I wasn't able to locate that particular item. But a Star Wars theme was pretty easy to pull off. I surprised him with the tree and ornaments after school on Friday. He was so excited, he kept pulling people in to see his tree in different lighting. His enthusiasm is almost contagious. However, I won't be decorating the rest of the house until at least after Thanksgiving.

Kate is pleased to have her tree back up and chose to simplify the decorating. The creation is her own and she his happy with the results. Sharing with her brother the last few years left her less than thrilled with the overall effect. Super heroes and tea sets don't mix well enough for our little designer.

Friday night we lost power during our traditional Friday night sleepover so the kids didn't notice until very early Saturday morning. We had our first fire and a quiet morning so it wasn't bad at all. I would have embraced it a bit more fully if I had a tea kettle I could have kept on that fire but we were otherwise happy to snuggle together around the fireplace. Of course our little idea guy thought roasted marshmallows would be perfect. It was six thirty in the morning. He remained disappointed because nothing disturbs peaceful mornings with kids quite like sugar for breakfast.

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