Friday, November 11, 2016


I have heard it said that insanity is repeating the same action repeatedly expecting a different result. So I ask, why do I clean the house and specifically the sliding glass door? Every day. Every stinking day. I am crazy. This is why.

So far this month we have watched the world lose their collective minds over an election that was a disaster from the word go. No one with integrity wants this gig anymore and who can blame them? A social media break is in order for me because I have a tough time watching people I love behave so poorly. I work with preschoolers daily and they get time outs for far less. Everyone needs to calm down already.

I had my first physical in over a decade this week. My resting heart rate is 62. The doctor asked if I am an athlete. I laughed, "Nope. I am a mom."

Lauren got to see Taylor graduate from Basic Training. The visit was so good for them. He is now in Texas making arrangements for her to join him just after Christmas. My heart is torn between excitement for them as a couple and the desire to hold her close.

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Robyn Schmucker said...

Your posts crack me up! I love the comment about your preschoolers getting time outs for far less :)