Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekend Review

The neighbors upgraded their game system for Christmas and handed down their old Wii. Ours has been out of commission for a few months. Whereas I have not missed it, Ty has and is thrilled to be in bowling competitions with his Daddy again. Of course, Mario is back too.

Ty has been paying attention to advertisements and often lets me know of products he believes we need. There was a conflict in Jay C on Friday because they didn't carry Oxy Clean dishwasher detergent and that one has "powerful clean". The fact he was dressed as Captain America complete with shield and binoculars made his pleas even more endearing. He gets attention wherever we go and one would think he'd appreciate it but despite all the costumes and appearances of being out-going, he is rather shy until he's comfortable around someone. I find myself explaining frequently.

Friday's weather was amazing. Kate and I quilted on the porch swing while Ty played with his remote control tractor from Grandma Carol. He had that thing doing flips, spinning on it's head and climbing walls! It's a pretty impressive toy, to say the least. Anne and I slipped away for a walk just before sunset. Not ten minutes later, I ran out with the camera to capture that sunset. Greg just laughed and recalled I had run out of the house to stand in the minute of sunshine Christmas Eve offered despite dinner being taken up. At this point in the winter, I take what I can get. The long gray days wear me out if I allow them.

I invited Greg to out on a date because we were given three gift cards for Christmas to local restaurants. He asked me who that date would be with and I suggested me. He thought about it for a minute and declared his work wives were likely sick of him by now so perhaps that was a good idea. He's a real charmer. As it turns out, I have missed him anyway.

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