Thursday, December 11, 2014


Ty approached with the longest, saddest face and announced he never wanted to be a grown up because grown ups have boring jobs. He was so serious, laughing was out of the question but almost impossible to avoid.

I asked two year old Anna to get her shoes and socks on so we could run to the grocery. She returned with her shoes on her feet and her socks on her hands. Obviously, I fail to communicate clearly around here.

The kids played at the neighbor's house. Kate returned with wet socks. When questioned, she explained the socks were wet because the seven year old neighbor boy was chewing on them. Why? Because he was being a baby gorilla. Of course. This makes perfect sense. Boys are weird.

Makenna forgot she let Oliver out the back door last night before she went to bed. He wasn't discovered until he didn't greet me this morning. After searching the house and back yard, I found him curled up behind the urn outside our front door. He was well protected from the elements but boy oh boy was he filthy. He stunk and he was matted with leaves, cobwebs and God knows what else. I gave him the entire day to get sorted out, attempting to help here and there with a brush. I had no luck. Poor Oliver had to get a bath. Makenna and I look like we have lost a freaky battle of some sort with scrapes and cuts up and down our arms. At one point, I realized I was pulling poop out of his thick fur and declared I lead a very full life. It simply doesn't get much better than that. Be jealous friends.
Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Poor Oliver was pretty freaked out. This evening he finally forgave me and let me wrap him up in my sweater to get warm and dry. He eventually napped in a blanket until he recovered. Makenna feels horrible and Oliver is honestly no worse for the wear but I couldn't resist taking his photo. He owes me the entertainment. After all, I pulled poop out of his fur today. Yep, I lead a glamorous life.

Fully recovered, I promise.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

The story about Little Anna cracks me up - that girl is so much fun!!

And that picture of Oliver!!!...I can't stop laughing