Sunday, November 4, 2012

Recently heard in my house

*we'd rather find out you are getting a divorce than hear we are having another kid-Erin

*Dad, don't catch that ball, I want to hit you with it-Ty

*It was a great concert, but he didn't propose yet-Lauren after the Justin Bieber concert

*We're casting lots for Erin's room-Makenna and Lauren in reference to college next year

*I already know that bible story because Miss Amy taught it to me-Kate during bible this week

*Miss Jennifer gives me a lot of junk food and sometimes lets me drink Pepsi at her house. One time she let me and Shelby scream for ten minutes IN THE HOUSE! I replied, "she's rotten" and Kate answered, "no, she's awesome"

*"I can't tell you". "Can't tell me what, Buddy". He answered with a grin, "I have Pepsi". Erin then attempted to explain once again what it means to keep a secret. (They are both rotten.)

*And my favorite was submitted by my sister via text message. Theresa and Mason (age 5) were playing with Lego characters and chasing bank robbers. Theresa grabbed two guns and tried to hand one to Mason who told her he didn't need it, just handcuffs. He then said, "I'll cuff him and if he gives bad answers, you shoot him". She finished her text with, "I hope he doesn't want to be a police officer!"