Sunday, January 15, 2017

Still here

Santa gave her stilts. And it still freaks me out a bit when she walks up behind me, much taller than she should be.  She has great balance, roams all over the house and rumor has it she wants to start learning how to do tricks with them. And to that news, I have a gentle reminder. Our deductible reset on the first. Please be careful because Makenna has now surpassed all I would ever like to spend on orthopedic care. Thank you very much.

There was an incident recently involving an open and very full bottle of black nail polish. I was able to remove it from the counter, floor and toilet; however, the wall and baseboard needs to be painted. This is not a project I anticipated. In fact, the master bathroom was the one we hoped to tackle in the near future. Sigh. So we are trying to decide if we will get a similar if not the same color or take the opportunity to try something new. In all honesty, I just am not feeling very inspired right now and the fact we know there is some minor dry wall damage above the shower means this little painting project will be anything but little. Isn't this typically the case?

Lauren and Taylor had an interesting move. They encountered several glitches along the way including multiple delays in getting Taylor out of his dorm and into their house with Lauren. She was not happy but is getting more settled. I suspect it will still be awhile before they see humor in all they have overcome in just a few short weeks. They have learned a lot and someday I hope they can laugh about it.

January and February are typically difficult months for me because I require a lot of sunshine and fresh air. This year we have added the sudden loss of the kid's friend, a breast cancer diagnosis for a friend of Erin's and the New Year's terminal diagnosis of my close friend to exaggerate those feelings. I have started another gratitude journal inspired by One Thousand Gifts in hopes of focusing on life more positively.  I meet weekly with my bible study partner and try to maintain my workouts but I am not going to lie, I have felt pretty low a lot of the time. This has not been an easy couple of weeks.

Makenna's recovery has gone smoothly; much better than we anticipated. She walks around the house without her crutches already, can now shower alone (she won't miss that particular level of bonding) and is managing her days at school so well, she often spends time with friends afterward. We anticipate an excellent report from the surgeon later this week. Layla missed Makenna sleeping with her for a solid week and made sure we all knew it with her constant whining and pacing. Peace has been restored now that Makenna can navigate the stairs.

We had the opportunity to play in an elementary school gymnasium because we are friends with the teacher and he knows my son well. Burning energy on cold, rainy days is always a good option.

We wore EVERYONE out. Afterward, Makenna and I purchased her prom dress and I once again wondered how junior prom is even a remote possibility  already.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I love Kate's laugh! And a day at a gym for free play sounds wonderful :)