Wednesday, April 21, 2010

9 months and so much fun

Ty turned 9 months last week. His personality just beams. He was able to sit quietly through a wedding on Saturday but chose a funeral on Monday to practice spitting, raspberries, using his loud voice and bodily function noises. You just never know what's coming next. He is cruising while holding onto furniture and people. Climbing is still his favorite skill to practice and the one that has rooms and stairs barricaded with baby gates which is not exactly the look I was going for. He tumbled down the stairs a few weeks ago. Erin was at the top with him and I was at the bottom. Neither of us caught him until after the horrifying thud we heard after his head hit the ceramic tile at the bottom of his fall. Erin and I cried longer and harder than he did! He had no bumps, bruises or even a red mark to show for his little adventure. As soon I had the nerve to set him back down, he made a bee line for the stairs again! He and I are having some minor conflicts over the organization of our home as well. Ty considers games and books under the high chair in the kitchen a better place than stacked on the bookcase where they've been since before his new found mobility. Contents of cupboards look much better spread all over the kitchen floor than stacked away neatly, according to Ty. He is generally smiling and knows the word "cute". He responds to it even if it isn't directed at him.....He has boycotted anything pureed. If it is on my plate or has real texture, he loves it. Yogurt is the only soft food he's eating! He appears to be a real carnivore, as he says "mmmmm" after each and every bite of meat!

Speaking of cute and a difference of opinion in decorating, Greg put his foot through the ceiling in our living room last week when his foot slipped off the rafters in the attic. I asked him to check the attic for wasps after one found its way into the upstairs bedroom and scared Kate into my bed for the night. No wasps were found but a mess was made! There was insulation all over the living room and a large gaping hole to show for my request. Good times.....Greg used a few screws to put the pieces back until we can get a repair man here. It's been fun to see reactions. No one wants to ask! I am just grateful Greg wasn't hurt!

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